Usain Bolt – 9.58 100 meters….WHAT ?

Usain is INSANE ! Jerome Kerse is not “The Freak”, Usain Bolt now has that title hands down. 5 world records this year…5 SPRINT world records this year (and he’s not swimming in a dimpled suit). Check out this 100 meters at the World Championships in Berlin this week. Yeah that’s Tyson Gaye he’s dusting. Sorry Bullet Bob Hayes, you just lost the “Worlds Fastest Man” title you had since the 60’s. Bolt is the real deal. He’s HUGE (6’5″) and just scary fast. He’s not one of the 100’s of runners who learned to run while going to College in the US for free. He’s straight off the streets of Kingston man. Bolt was the fastest dude in his High School at age 12. Sprinters are looking to move to middle distance as it’s believed by many Bolt can’t be beat and not for a long time (he’s only 23 years old – this month). He’ll be winning for another 5 years. Who wants to race every meet for silver ? Well I guees I would, but for everyone else it’s like playing Tiger Woods in a major (except you have absolutely no chance, and your done in less than 10 seconds).

Now that 100 meter run was stupid enough, but Bolt upped it. Usain comes out the next night and annihilates his 19.30 200 meter record by going 19.19 (not 19.20 like the board says). Wait, wait. Have any of you ever run track ? 19.19 in the 200 ? That’s just, just pure other-worldly, alien. Sub 20 was something no one even talked about back in the day and this guy is looking to go sub 19. What’s he got a teleporter ? Look at this race. Nobody runs a 200 meter turn like this, he has 10 meters coming out of the turn (and he’s supposed to have a bum toe). Then he just gains ground on the straight. Remarkable. He’s 23 and the fastest man EVER on the planet. Can I buy some stock in this guy, is he publically traded yet. ? Let’s just hope he has some good management and staying power and “Lightening Bolt” isn’t done and gone in a flash.


WWF Action in World Championships – Natalia Rodriguez Finishes First, Disqualified for Pushing Fellow Runner

The women’s 1,500-meter final had a strange result at Sunday’s world track and field championship in Berlin, as Spain’s Natalia Rodriguez made a late surge and crossed the finish line first — only to be disqualified because part of that late surge included pushing past Ethiopian runner Gelete Burka, who fell to the ground and couldn’t finish the race.

Burka was the pre-race favorite, but she ended the race lying down on the track. Ultimately it was Maryam Yusuf Jamal of Bahrain, who crossed the finish line second, who ended up winning the world title. Rodriguez went over to apologize to Burka immediately following the race, but she insisted afterward that she hadn’t intended to knock Burka down:

“I have a clear conscience, I know that I ran well,” said Rodriguez after learning she had been disqualified. “I saw a space down the inside and then Burka tried to close me out. There was some barging and then she fell. I did nothing wrong. “

“At about 150 meters, Gelete opened up a little and left some space open on the very inside of lane one. I tried to get by her, but as I tried she closed me down and forced me off the track. I was going to do the lap of honor, but all the stadium was whistling and the truth is it wasn’t very nice.”

The Spanish track team, however, felt upon viewing the replay that Rodriguez had, in fact, pushed Burka, and as a result decided not to appeal the decision.

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Weekend Riding… Hot as usual.

After a lack luster Driveway (and wrenching my back lifting the monster ice chest), I did a pretty low key spin on Friday afternoon. Rode the Blitz (28 mi.) and tried to average under 140 bpm (did so at 139). Maxed at 169 (on the climbs). Saturday I decided to punish myself for my poor performance on Thurs. I basically rode to Circle C (55 mi.) and back (via SW Parkway) and stomped every riser I could find. I also rode the TT course and tried to maintain 177 bpm throughout. On the way home I even doubled back so that I could do Lost Creek and Barton Creek on the same ride. Pretty “done in” after that.

Sunday I did a more lively Blitz (28 mi.). Got out late so didn’t go very far, but certainly rode harder than on Friday. Geeze it was hot Sunday. When are we going to get a reprieve ? Not a huge mileage weekend (111 miles – F,S,S), but hopefully got something done. Stopped in a ACC and took my flat 404 to George for repair. Shop was busy for a late Sunday afternoon. Both close-out SLC-SL’s came in, Adam snapped one up and the other and was broken by UPS. Top tube was cracked and chainring was bent sideways (nasty). Guess I got out of buying that one ! Thank you UPS.

Nooooo…..DNF at Driveway Last Nite

Willis addressing 4/5's before the start.  You can see where my head was at.

Willis addressing 4/5's before the start. You can see where my head was at.

Lot’s of ceremony for Kevin Underhill tonite. Lots of flowers, guy on bagpipes, neutral laps in each ride, emotional speech by Andrew, Kevin’s family there. Andrew read a letter from a racer who spoke with someone at Seton who had a patient who received Kevin’s heart in a transplant this weekend. Pretty emotional.

Willis' emotional speech to the riders.

Willis' emotional speech to the riders.

Not a great DW race for me last night. Heat was a small factor as my car temp. guage registered 105 on the track. More so was my lack of mental focus and desire. I just wasn’t excited about racing last night, more apathetic than anything (not good). I was concerned about getting back out on the bike and how I’d perform after last week, but knew I needed to get back sooner than later. Waaaay to cerebral, too much thinking and not enough racing. I went to the front early on, as usual, and slotted in from 2nd to 5th (again as usual) for the 1st few laps (171 bpm). Actually felt pretty OK at this time.

On the long straights, where I usually slot in and rest, I found my self losing places and getting into the wide body of the 2nd half of the pack where I was not at all comfortable. I’d push to get back near the front at the riser and was expending too much energy in doing so. I think I experienced more mental fatigue last night than physical. Also caught in the pack in the bigger turns unfortunately means breaking. Breaking in the turns is not good as I have to really push coming out of the turn to stay on the wheel or to maintain position with those around that didn’t have to pull the breaks in the turn. Waste of energy. I knew it was happening and what the result was going to be, just didn’t do anything about it.

Soon it was 5 to go and the pace slowed and I just sat in, still, though, in the widest part of the pack, where I was not at all comfortable (175 bpm). With three to go, I got gapped a bit on the long out downhill and was off the back by the backside turn, I got on a wheel and worked back to the rear end of the pack (183 bmp). With two to go, I was yo-yoing on and off the back and not feeling it at all. Looked behind and there was no one close to work with to get back on. I rode off the track and put my bike in the car. Not happy with myself at all, don’t like abandoning, but just wasn’t into it last night. Stayed until after dark helping Willis pack up. I’m more sore from the post race lifting than the actuall race. That’s pretty pathetic.

Lot’s of trouble with consistency this year. One week good, next week awful. Need to get a handle on this, it doesn’t make for a good racing experience. This was my 16 Driveway Race this year. After starting off the back early in the season, I built to pack finishes and then top 25’s pretty consistently. Now every week is a crap shoot as far as finishes. Like a box of chocolates.

Full Monty Grand Prix Course Tonite

Riders will experience the whole enchilada at The Driveway tonite.

Riders will experience the whole enchilada at The Driveway tonite.

This week’s criterium course at The Kenny Hill Autowerk’s Driveway Crit Series will be the full Grand Prix course, utilizing all the features of both the upper and lower loops. The full Grand Prix Course is a challenging 1.73 miles long, 36′ wide, 15 corners and with 40′ of elevation change. Technical and challenging.

40+ Austin Cyclists At The Kevin Underhill Life Celebration Ride Tonite

James Ezell sent a short email to the LTC Yahoo group about our regular Tuesday Nighter rolling neutral in memory of Kevin Underhill yesterday. He and I started getting a few calls during the day today asking about the ride, so we expected a few more than our usual crew. I arrived at the Bank at about 6:10 and frankly I felt a bit disconsolate as there were maybe 10 riders in the parking lot. Not for long…within the next 15 minutes close to 25 more riders rolled in and lined up. It was by far the largest group we had ridden out with to date.

Everyone (at least the first 20) wore black arm bands on their right sleeve (road side) in honor of Kevin’s remarkable (as we learned) life. We picked up 5-6 more riders as we rolled up 620 to Bee Cave Parkway. It was an awesome sight in the middle of rush hour traffic. Thanks to everyone who came out tonite. All the great LTC regulars (quality people every one), Rich and his lovely wife from Round Rock, the AT&T contingent led by James and Rheannon, Sue and James E. Team Hotel San Jose members Kurt, Johnny, Trey and I and all the folks I haven’t seen in a long time.

We rolled neutral to Bee Cave Parkway everyone moving about the pack having a great time chatting away. It was such a blast. We remained neutral until the hills on 2244 and gaps naturally started appearing. A very large group rolled up at the Rollingwood 15 minute light, and I had a feeling the neutral rollout was over, just like Kevin would have liked it.

I wouldn’t say we “raced” home, but the guys & gals up front definately upped the paced and a group of about 7 rolled off the front. A time trial effort started breaking that pack up and there were riders all over 2244 going both ways, what a sight.

The piesta resistance was that everyone stayed after the ride and had a blast. Jamies at Lake Travis Cyclery again furnished the refreshment, and a party atmosphere ensued. A wake in the best New Orleans tradition – a celebration of a remarkable life. I looked around the patio and saw all the conversations taking place between old and new friends and thought to myself how amazing the cycling community is in Austin. Just a yard full of great people celebrating a really unique life.

Johnson City Loop Cooker

Marty and I Pre-Ride - Looking Fresh

Marty and I Pre-Ride - Looking Fresh

Johnny O invited me out to do the Johnson City loop and I rolled up to his house about 7:40 AM (late). Marty rolled up in short order and we rolled out to try the counter-clockwise loop. Now I’ve been to Johnson City a couple of times, but never on the loop. Always out Fitzhugh and back, so this was my 1st time venturing onto Hamilton Pool Rd. for this loop. I had experiences on Hamilton Pool Rd. before. Once solo from 71 to Crumley Ranch Rd. That was terrifying and I will never do that again. A second time was on a THSJ ride with quite a pack, coming the other direction, so not so scary.

The definition of the shoulder on Hamilton Pool Road is “Slim and None”. What shoulder there is is chip-seal covered with gravel. So going out I stayed planted on the white line. Traffic wasn’t super busy, but it was there and moving fast and mostly redneck. Marty had warned me about a section leading down to the river that had been graded but not yet overpaved. He was right, it was almost like cobbles, with handlebars bouncing around like crazy, I took this downhill much slower than I normally would have. Past that we ventured onto what I think was the best section of the ride, a left turn onto a small lazy farm road with the requisite cattle guards evenly spaced. This was a blast, and we were able to hammer it here, trading pulls.

Osgerby's New Garmin 7,000,000 ($2,500).  This thing does everything but pedal.

Osgerby's New Garmin 7,000,000 ($2,500). This thing does everything but pedal.

This section ended with a left onto 281 (?). Again gravelly mini-shoulder and 70 mph autos. Not my “thing”. Marty told be it was about 9 minutes to Johnson City here, I set off to make it 6. I got in the drops and hammered as fast as I could go into a pretty steady headwind, to get this thing over with. Call me a city boy, I like the HUGE shoulders that 2244 and 620 afford. Wound up at a convenience store in Johnson City, where we all refueled (Coke – for immediate consumption – Gatorade – 1st water bottle – Agua – 2nd water bottle), chewed on a cliff bar and home we went. Riding home was much more enjoyable, still chip-seal and still no shoulder, but moderate traffic and continuous rolling hills. Once at the Pedernales Park entrance I felt back on familiar ground.

The climb out from the river was the only obstacle in the way, it was nasty as usual, made more so by the heat (by now well over 100 degrees), but up it we went and I just kinda flowed, (in that marathon mile haze) over the ensuing hills. Reaching the butter black top was heaven as wheel speed increased and effort to reach that speed eased. Left on RR 12 and right back on Hamilton Pool for about 3 miles to Johnny’s sundivision, which threw out one last cruel winding climb, and we were home. Exhausted. Something like 54 (?) pretty hard miles. We pushed it pretty well too, led out by Marty hammering the 1st third, my pulls on the 2nd third and Johnny “40 Miler” bringing us home.