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Another Big Mile Weekend

Traffic Jam Getting to 1st Street

Traffic Jam Getting to 1st Street

Missed Manda on Saturday, so rode 44 miles on Sunday – from home to Veloway, back on SW Parkway, up both Barton Creek and Lost Creek. Monday Johny O. and I met at Mellow’s (late at 9 AM) for the ride to San Marcos and a Manske Roll. We immediately hit a traffic jam leaving the store as the Austin Triathalon was on in full force downtown. Bike leg was in full force and streets were blocked. We weaved our way thru. Going out we mixed in with the Tri’s and motored south. Due to a missed turn (somewhere befroe Buda on the way back) we added 6 miles to the ride to finish w/ 71 miles. Long day in the saddle. Feel good now though legs are feeling it.

Dropped off an Easton EC90 Aero at Mellow’s w/ leaky valve. After I left for home, I listed to a vamil that it was fixed. Should have checked the phone before I drove off.


Weekend Riding… Hot as usual.

After a lack luster Driveway (and wrenching my back lifting the monster ice chest), I did a pretty low key spin on Friday afternoon. Rode the Blitz (28 mi.) and tried to average under 140 bpm (did so at 139). Maxed at 169 (on the climbs). Saturday I decided to punish myself for my poor performance on Thurs. I basically rode to Circle C (55 mi.) and back (via SW Parkway) and stomped every riser I could find. I also rode the TT course and tried to maintain 177 bpm throughout. On the way home I even doubled back so that I could do Lost Creek and Barton Creek on the same ride. Pretty “done in” after that.

Sunday I did a more lively Blitz (28 mi.). Got out late so didn’t go very far, but certainly rode harder than on Friday. Geeze it was hot Sunday. When are we going to get a reprieve ? Not a huge mileage weekend (111 miles – F,S,S), but hopefully got something done. Stopped in a ACC and took my flat 404 to George for repair. Shop was busy for a late Sunday afternoon. Both close-out SLC-SL’s came in, Adam snapped one up and the other and was broken by UPS. Top tube was cracked and chainring was bent sideways (nasty). Guess I got out of buying that one ! Thank you UPS.

Johnson City Loop Cooker

Marty and I Pre-Ride - Looking Fresh

Marty and I Pre-Ride - Looking Fresh

Johnny O invited me out to do the Johnson City loop and I rolled up to his house about 7:40 AM (late). Marty rolled up in short order and we rolled out to try the counter-clockwise loop. Now I’ve been to Johnson City a couple of times, but never on the loop. Always out Fitzhugh and back, so this was my 1st time venturing onto Hamilton Pool Rd. for this loop. I had experiences on Hamilton Pool Rd. before. Once solo from 71 to Crumley Ranch Rd. That was terrifying and I will never do that again. A second time was on a THSJ ride with quite a pack, coming the other direction, so not so scary.

The definition of the shoulder on Hamilton Pool Road is “Slim and None”. What shoulder there is is chip-seal covered with gravel. So going out I stayed planted on the white line. Traffic wasn’t super busy, but it was there and moving fast and mostly redneck. Marty had warned me about a section leading down to the river that had been graded but not yet overpaved. He was right, it was almost like cobbles, with handlebars bouncing around like crazy, I took this downhill much slower than I normally would have. Past that we ventured onto what I think was the best section of the ride, a left turn onto a small lazy farm road with the requisite cattle guards evenly spaced. This was a blast, and we were able to hammer it here, trading pulls.

Osgerby's New Garmin 7,000,000 ($2,500).  This thing does everything but pedal.

Osgerby's New Garmin 7,000,000 ($2,500). This thing does everything but pedal.

This section ended with a left onto 281 (?). Again gravelly mini-shoulder and 70 mph autos. Not my “thing”. Marty told be it was about 9 minutes to Johnson City here, I set off to make it 6. I got in the drops and hammered as fast as I could go into a pretty steady headwind, to get this thing over with. Call me a city boy, I like the HUGE shoulders that 2244 and 620 afford. Wound up at a convenience store in Johnson City, where we all refueled (Coke – for immediate consumption – Gatorade – 1st water bottle – Agua – 2nd water bottle), chewed on a cliff bar and home we went. Riding home was much more enjoyable, still chip-seal and still no shoulder, but moderate traffic and continuous rolling hills. Once at the Pedernales Park entrance I felt back on familiar ground.

The climb out from the river was the only obstacle in the way, it was nasty as usual, made more so by the heat (by now well over 100 degrees), but up it we went and I just kinda flowed, (in that marathon mile haze) over the ensuing hills. Reaching the butter black top was heaven as wheel speed increased and effort to reach that speed eased. Left on RR 12 and right back on Hamilton Pool for about 3 miles to Johnny’s sundivision, which threw out one last cruel winding climb, and we were home. Exhausted. Something like 54 (?) pretty hard miles. We pushed it pretty well too, led out by Marty hammering the 1st third, my pulls on the 2nd third and Johnny “40 Miler” bringing us home.

Big Mileage Whiteline Weekend (152.81)

View From The Saddle Most of This Weekend

View From The Saddle Most of This Weekend

Good start to August with 292.67 miles in 9 days. Mostly thank to a couple of 2-a-days this weekend. Saturday I rode north to Parmer and back 55.17. Concentrating on steady cadence , 20 + mph and 165-171 on HR monitor. Afternoon I did the Blitz – easy everywhere but the hills, all of which I hammered. Started taking B-Complex supplement. Seem to have more pop up the hills (while sitting), might have been lacking in B’s as I don’t eat much meat anymore.

I had dinner w/ some old buddies, Tim “Boomeragn Knee” Rice, Randy “Woo-Woo” Wills and Jimmy “The Littlest Cowboy” Zimmerman at El Arroyo on Barton Creek. We were laughing so hard I thought someone was going to puke. They were coming from the golf course so I bough a bottle of Hi Karate at CVS. I met them at Muni and rode the last three holes in Randy’s cart. Over those three holes I emptied that bottle on them when they weren’t watching. Got Randy all down his leg while talking, riding in the cart. Nailed Jimmy for about 30 seconds in the back while we were walking to find his ball. But best one was Rice, he was lining up a fairway shot and I bent down and soaked his crotch from behind with 1/3 of the Hi-Karate bottle. They all thought it was hilarious when I did it to the other, but got pissed when I nailed them. We all smelled like a bunch of French whores when we walked in the restaurant.

Sunday morning I rode down to SW Parkway via Mopac and 360 and the back up Barton Creek to 2244 and home. Tried to Push hard on SW Parkway and climbed Barton as fast asI could (out of the saddle). This afternoon I rode the blitz again, easy except for the hills. Punctured my tubular about 200 yards from my house. Lucky, but still $$ costly.


Will they fit in my saddle bag ?

Will they fit in my saddle bag ?

Beginning to wonder if I should take paddles in my saddle bag. Wonder what that would add to my bike weight ? Do they make carbon defibrillators ? I probably shouldn’t joke about that.

Well, certainly more work to be done. Tonite I felt much better than yesterday on The Blitz, but average HR was waaaaay too high at 164 bpm, especially at such a pedestrian pace. Also popped up to 188 bpm on the Barton Creek climb. HR recoveries after the hills were not where they should be (slow moving – and never got back down to where they should have). Weird thing was that I didn’t feel as bad as yesterday. No nausea, no ill feeling at all. As a matter of fact I would never have known I was at 188 on BC, without looking down to spy the Garmin. So I’m a little confused. Lower HR yesterday with lots of yuck and ill feelings. Rode well today but blew up the HR monitor. Strange.

Was looking to soft pedal, but saw a rabbit on the way out. A 30 something unkitted guy on a Felt w/ World Championship stripes on the downtube. I rolled past him up Cuernavaca, he didn’t take that well and immediately rode onto my wheel. He passed me back toward the top. I cadenced by him on the next uphill. He took off going into the Barton Creek climb, so I stayed in the big ring and decided to mash up at 12-13. He was about 50 meters ahead at the bottom. He stood about 1/2 way up. I was gaining on him pretty rapidly and passed him sitting grinding a pretty big gear. This is when I spotted I was at 188. Didn’t blow-up however and kept mashing thru the light (the power was there and didn’t feel that bad at all despite the big HR number) and started to gear up for a 20+ mph headwind run to Knollwood. Looked back and he had popped.

Definately soft-peddled Knollwood and began to regret I only took one water bottle. Nothing very memorable on the way back except a husband/wife TT duo passed me, then turned rifgt on Cuernavaca immediately after the pass. Wife was leading the husband. They were pretty much flying. Didn’t work too hard on BCPW, but mashed the LTHS hill and Lohman’s. Didn’t feel bad at all back home and sucked down my Endurox as soon as I walked in the door. Concerned about the HR. Probably not going to kill it tomorrow on the Tuesday Nighter, need to figure out whats up before I pound it. At 188 today, I don’t have much more on top of that. What a drag.

Bolt On The Training Wheels

5+ Days Off - Start Over Again

5+ Days Off - Start Over Again

OK…too much time off the bike. Work related projects and travel kept me from my Tuesday Nighter and the Driveway last week. Not good. Coming off a couple of weeks where hard racing and competitive Tuesday Nighters had me pretty much peaking (at least for 30 min. to 1 hour efforts) two week ago, I completely lost it. Yesterday was misterable. HR was way too high from the 1st hill out. Seemed to stabalize after that, but never felt good (or even fair) on the bike. As a matter of fact I felt BAD. No power, no energy, sore muscles, (why?), butt was sore at times, added 5 lbs. (instead of losing the 5 that I had hoped) and some very slight nausea. It was in mid 90’s and humidity was pretty high, but was much more comfortable than the last two months. Wasn’t very thirsty (only drank about 2/3 of one water bottle.

I guess the worst thing about aging (past 50) is the rapidity with why I lose my bike fitness. I’ve never had a problem w/ over training. In fact I maintain best if I can ride everyday (just regulate the intensity). But if I am off the bike for 5 days or more, boy, it’s like training wheel time again. The loss of fitness seems to increase exponentially after that 5 day period. I can only hope that it will come back quicker since I was in such good shape two weeks ago.

Completed the Blitz (doorstep to doorstep 27.23 mi.) in 1:34:30 (17.37 average), not good, but not as bad as it felt. Max HR was 177, but average was 155 bpm, way to high for such a pedestrian pace.

Chasing Wenger

Super Squadra hitman Dave Wenger.

Super Squadra hitman Dave Wenger.

Rolled out on the Blitz this afternoon. It was 99 degree (a cool wave). Felt pretty good so spun some nice tempo going out. Was so mentally occupied I was suddenly at the Barton Creek climb on 2244, so missed alot of the suffering going out. TT’d at 21+ on Rollingwood. “Did you get that?” “Pain!” New chicane at the Rollingwood/2244 light. Hit the light just right and rolled thru.

After second hill back one of the Super Squadra guys (I think Wenger) rolled by me like a train so I stood and buried it. I knew I wouldn’t get on, but just wanted to keep him in sight so that I could watch him mash. He was about 500 yards ahead but I was holding on at 172 bpm (maxed). 2nd to last climb he looked back and saw that I had gained a bit on him as he had let up a bit. He stood on the long downhill, then tucked in. By the time I got to the top he was just a dot. Amazing acceleration and power. My newest Garmin 305 bounced off it’s broken mount on the way down that hill, so I had to stop and back track to find it. Luckily I did, and it was still operational. Stuck it back on and hit it again. Pushed on all the final 4 hills, Bee Cave Parkway, LTHS, Lohmans and the short hill to Hurst Creek. Topped that hill at 172 bpm. Good speed work. Thanks Dave.