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Tuesday Nighter Action

We had nine riders show up at the Tuesday Nighter. New guest Paul, from Circle C, joined us and was STRONG. Neutral rollout was a bit quick, but everyone stayed together to the Bee Cave Parkway 2244 turnoff. As there was a decent headwind the line went from 2 to 1 fairly quickly as folks were trying to draft as best as possible. First hill out I think two or three popped. On Curenavaca we had six and three of us got off the front leaving James, Clift and Moze in the chase. On the Barton Creek climb, I looked back and didn’t see anyone, so I knew we had a good break. Since I’d been sucking wheel so far, I took the front at the top and did about a one minute 24 mph pull to get us almost to Knollwood. We actually didn’t hit Knollwood extremely hard and got to a marathon red light (as usual). We were waiting when James and Clift rolled up. Moze short-cutted and was in front after the turn. After the turn, I again moved to the front in the flats and ramped up the pace to about 24.5 mph for about 2 minutes again then dropped back to the 5th spot.

We all stayed together until Curenavaca coming back where I backed off a bit, hit it on the downhill, and motored off the front up the climb. Everyone groaned and stood and I was caught and passed after about 200 yards. Slotted in again at 5th. Here’s where I got punked.

We were motoring up a riser and James (in 4th) started to get gapped. I saw the hole forming, had some momentum and moved right to go around and slot in in front of him. When my rear wheel got even with his front he mashed the cranks and moved back up to the wheel ahead just as I was about to move over to take the same wheel. BLOCKED. Then I just brain froze. I didn’t have enough to attack to the front as the pace was blistering up the hill and I didn’t want to ride out on the right on my own, so I slowed to slot in again behind James. As I slowed the pack accelerated and I got gapped. I tried to reel it back in, but it got out to about 20 meters and I was gone about a mile before the sign.

Felt good most of the ride, but the attacks and short pulls had me at lactate and by the Bee Cave sign I was seeing spots and a bit lightheaded. I soft pedaled home w/o stopping at the bank. Endurox, shower, quick shopping run, helped Alyssa w/ homework and we were to bed pretty early. BP was not bad post race 122/82 with pulse still at 97. Still – need to get in and see Dr. as to why I’m lightheaded after efforts.


9/25/09 – Tuesday Niter

Low turnout Tuesday nighter, only about 7-8 showed. Occasional cloud cover and sub 100 temps. made it pretty bearable. I think Moze and Harper snuck on at 2244 (so 9-10 total).

Going out was pretty tame. 5 left at the Knollwood light, then down to four on the way back. Coming back was a bit more lively.

I was definately wheel sucker of the day, didn’t do any substantial pulling. Some attacks broke it up pretty well w/ me 4th, but worked back (TT’d about 2 miles at 20-23 mph.) about 150m and caught Clift (on his sweet new bike) just before the Bee Cave sign (snuck up on him) for third.

Worked the LTHS hill pretty good then led an attack to catch Clift right before the Bank. Worn out. Didn’t stay long at bank, had a wicked headache.

Rode home in the twilight, but got to the house before dark. Alyssa was there, she’d already eaten.

Endurox, shower, tons of LTHS basketball paperwork, 3 checks to LTHS for “stuff” and then to bed w/ a good book.

Houston..Tranquility Base Here….Ezell Has Landed

Ezell Cooks Up a Little Epidermis Tonite !

Ezell Cooks Up a Little Epidermis Tonite !

Whoooweee ! Tonite it was ON at the north Tuesday Nighter. Only 8 rolled out, but it was a cutthroat bunch. Grupo lasted all of about 1/2 mile when James Ezell stood up on a runner into the wind. Everyone groaned, I cursed under my breath and immediately stood to chase. If it had been anyone else, I’d have hesiteted, but James is a masochist and if you don’t get his wheel you WILL suffer ! I think 4 of us got a gap (James, Jeff, Clift and I). Clift flatted, I heard the POP and then “see you guys later”, and it was 3. We decided to work together in a rotating pace to keep the heat on and we were flying.

I got gapped about 1/2 up Barton Creek, but road back on, rolled by James and Jeff and stood hammering in the drops at the turn onto Knollwood, They stood and matched. We hammered Knollwood like never before and got a great light back at 2244 (which is unusual).

We had a pretty massive lead, so I thought we’d sit up a bit, but James got on the front and slowly accelerated until we were headed back at about 27 mph. He pulled until the 1st hill, where Jeff jumped and I got immediately on his wheel, ditto James on mine and we hung it out up that hill. Jeff pulled a while then James rolled by and I let Jeff get second wheel as I was done pulling.

On the last hill, I started losing ground, not quickly, but they were moving away. They got about 100 yards on me and sat up a bit. This is normally where I would have just rolled in 3rd and been happy. Hell, I am a senior citizen. But…I was only at 171 bpm and had something left so I geared up and stood in the drops and bent cranks up that looooooong painful 3%’er headed to The Bee Cave Sign. I was catching them, and quickly. I had 3-4 mph on them and was rolling up, but I was at 186. I decided I couldn’t just roll up and sit on as I was almost threshold, so I decided I’d sling by and make them stand and deliver. This would work if I wasn’t spied. No one had looked back. I tried to get skinny.

Didn’t quite pan out. I saw Jeff look, he saw me, I immediately looked down and saw I was 191, and Jeff went. James followed and I was going to miss the sprint finish. Jeff led out, went way left, looked back and thought he’d gapped James, but James was marking him, right on his wheel in the blind spot. Jeff started his sprint, Jame unleashed at about the sames time and moved right to pass. Jeff moved right at the same time, right into James’ attack and wheels touched. James slammed the pavement pretty hard. I saw sparks, Kloden type sparks.

I rolled up to the finish sign and James was sporting some serious rash. Jersey shoulder was gone, pants seared thru and leg and arm meatless ! Nasty. Glasses lens was sitting in the street. We water bottled him off and took stock of his bike. Some moron in a Merecedes, rolled up and asked 10 times if we were OK. We answered 9 times yes there are 3 of us w/ cell phones, everything is OK. He still didn’t leave. He was probably trying to be nice, but begun to wear out his welcome. It was weird, he touched a nerve in both Jeff and I at exactly the same time and we, WITH CONVICTION, told him the 10th time thank you but you are free to leave.

James mounted and we rolled off. Best post-crash quote. James: “It feels like the hair on my arm has melted into the skin . Whooh ! Not a sensation I’m looking to do any deep thinking about.

Was it on ?…well I’d say so. 23.31 mph for the ride. That is the fastest time I have ever ridden the Blitz (by more than 2 mph). It was Zen-like. Thanks Jame and Jeff for such a great run. Sorry it ended in such a painful way. Heal up soon James, Hotter ‘n Hell is only 3 weeks away.

Who Is This Imposter ?

Should Have Had This Dangling From My Seatpost Last Night

Should Have Had This Dangling From My Seatpost Last Night

The Tuesday Nighter turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophesy last night. In riding Lohmans and Lakeway Blvd to the bank, it was apparent I was not going to have the form to ride competively last night. Started out at 170 bpm right away on the climb up LWB to 620. That was not good. I didn’t really feel poorly, but the HR numbers don’t lie, I was struggling during effort and that was sure to be exposed on the hills going out.

Despite the prognosis, I slotted in about third on the turn onto Bee Cave. James took the 1st pull, with Osgerby in second wheel. Johnny took over for a long pull into the 1st big hill and the “favorites” started to move. I survived the 1st riser, but was summarily dropped on Cuernavaca. Was in a chase of 3 (w/ Mose solo in a gap between us and the break) and lost contact w/ the other two on the Barton Creek hill, I was definately struggling. On Knollwood Clift (from the break) had flatted. I rolled by but stopped at the high point on Knollwood to wait for the pack, as the break had made the light and were long gone. I waited for about 5 minutes and began to think perhaps they had not gone Knollwood, but had cut across back down 2244, so I rolled on.

I was completely solo the rest of the ride, trying to sort out whats happened with my form since about 3 weeks ago when I was about as fast as I’ve been all year. By the LTHS hill, My thighs were burning and I had drained my second water bottle. Made the turn for home at Lohman’s Spur and downed a large glass of Endurox immediately after stepping off the bike. Average from door to door was 17.4 (a miserable pace). HR max was again 188 and the average was 155 (still too high for that pace). Just didn’t have the power after the 1st couple of hills, and high BPM concerned me enough to dial it back a bit. Not happy with my recent rides. Unsure how I could have fallen so far out of form so fast.

Perhaps a doctor visit is in order and I will be making a diet change as well. I know I’m not getting the nutrition I need, eating only twice a day. Time off the bike is poison for me. I need to either find a way to ride 3-4 days a week, or resign myself to riding off the back.

Reading From the Book of James

I missed the Tuesday Nighter tonite due to work related issues. Funny how work gets in the way of a good time on occasion. Also funny how I consider 28 miles at VO2 max a good time. Thanks James for the night in a nutshell: We had 14. We rolled out slow in a headwind. At the light at Bee Cave Road and Bee Cave Parkway, four guys (Trey, Jason Lewiss, Jeremy, and I forget who else) got the jump on us as the light was turning red. Jason Lewiss blew by like his hair was on fire. (He said he was doing TT practice). The rest of us stopped for the light. Barry and I tried to do a two-man TT to catch, but to no avail. I was in the red zone pretty much the whole way out to Knollwood. We came back to the bank and had some beer to recover. Good times.

Wicked Fast Tuesday Nighter

Rode out to bank on Lakeway Blvd. Warmed up about 5 miles before ride on 620. Val Hargrove (HSJ) showed up on his tandem w/ Ron. Barry Csimma (HSJ) was there. Trey Steele brought a ringer. Brother James Ezell (at&t) pulled the neutral rollout up to LTHS at 13.5 mph. The pack was breaking up neutral ! We had 18 at the Bee Cave Parkway light. I pulled the Parkway (not smart). 1st hill a few tested the front, but everything was brought back until Joe (SWCS) went. He stayed off a bit, but the pack was pushing at pace, so Joe soft peddled until we got back on. At the Cuernavaca climb the new guy stood and went and only Joe could answer. Chase was Trey, Clift and I. By Barton Creek we had gapped the pack. But were buried deep by the two up front.

I TT’d Knollwood (pulling Trey and Clift like baby ducks). Trey and I jumped Clift at the 2244 light, he’d have none of that and bridged back on. On the way back we stayed together until about the third hill and I popped as usual. Clift was riding strong and wheeled Trey for quite a while. Finally Trey popped him. Finish was new guy, Joe, Trey, Clift, me, James and Mose. I was 170 plus the whole way back solo and worried I was going to get caught. Rode hard up the Parkway and really pushed up the LTHS hill as well.

We had about 8 at the “after-party” at the bank. Great beer provided by, as usual, Jamie at Lake Travis Cyclery. The BS was flying and the boys drained the cooler. Rode back in the dark on Lakeway Blvd. Was really sore after the long break. 18.8 average porch to porch including 5.5 mile soft pedal warm-up. I think Trey said we were over 20 for the Blitz course.

7/14/09 Tuesday Nighter

Trey's Dashboards temp in the parking lot before the Tuesday Nighter.

Trey's Dashboards temp in the parking lot before the Tuesday Nighter.

Had about 12 rolling out for Tuesday Nighter, one jumped on in route. Good neutral rollout, with James doing a long headwind pull on Bee Cave Parkway (he’d regret that later). We made the turn onto 2244 and rolled past SWCS and Trey buried it on the 1st riser. No one followed, but the pace did move to tempo with Joe and Jason trading pulls. Trey was making hay and moving away off the front pretty quickly. On the Cuernavaca climb the pack started to splinter, and I was getting passed which had me concerned. By mid-climb I had repassed everyone but Jason and Joe. By the Barton Creek hill I was desperately hanging onto the back of Joe and Jason and we had a clear gap back to the pretty splintered pack. So it was Trey off the front w/ Joe, Jason and I in the chase. Not sure what was happening behind. Didn’t have the energy to look back.

At the turn we started motoring pretty well. I sucked wheel and let the J’s do the pulling. I’d roll by on the downhills and they spin by going back up. I looked back once and saw James chasing solo. I stuck my head between my knees and drove to stay on a wheel and actually lasted until the last hill when they went by quick enough I couldn’t get on. I was pretty much popped at 175 bmp. Trey won on a magnificent flyer (we never saw the guy), not sure what happened w/ Joe and Jason. Trey waited for me at BCPW and we rolled in to the bank together. Next were James then Lucy.

Great ride, way too hot still. I was spinning 100+ on the uphills and that obviously works alot better for me than grinding as I haven’t been able to stay with the J’s that long before. Though I don’t think they were pushing things by any means.