Summit Cotopaxi 5897m (Ecuador)

Summit Cotopaxi 5897m (Ecuador)

This is the blog of an over 50 mountaineer and cycling junkie.  I am an avid amaetur mountain climber and ride to stay in climbing shape. Both sports are about suffering to a certain extent while at the same time enhance the production of endorphins (a natural fix).  Both sports test will as much as body.  Both sports, during the battle, sometimes make you think “why am I doing this to myself ?”  Both just after the ride or the expedition make you think “how soon can I do this again”. I’m a much better climber than cyclist. Not very competitive racing my bike, but love it nonetheless. Just sweat, spittle, a pounding chest and the sweet, sweet burn of lactic acid.

Ama Dablam (jumaring up fixed ropes) Khumbu Nepal (6421m)

Ama Dablam (jumaring up fixed ropes) Khumbu Nepal (6421m)

Expedition climbing is very mental and demanding on the body, especially at altitude.   Like cycling , energy conservation is important in climbing, as you can burn 6,000 calories on a summit day. Physiologically I’m substantially more predisposed to climb (steady plodding rather than manic peddling), but I love both sports too much to let genetics decide whether or not I participate.  I suppose because of my genetic shortfalls, I’m able to suffer a bit more than most.  That’s ultimately the real test in both sports.  How much pain can you endure and for how long.  The need to experience this voluntarily has always intrigued me.  Most people avoid pain and exertion/suffering.  Some of us choose to experience it by choice.


Climbing Resume:bill-illiniza-norte

  • 18 Colorado 14ers
  • The Grand Teton (Wyoming)
  • Mt. Rainier (Washington)
  • Mt. Baker (Washington)
  • Pico de Orizaba (Mexico)
  • Cotopaxi (Ecuador)
  • Chimborazo (Ecuador)
  • Cayambe (Ecuador)
  • Illiniza Norte (Ecuador)
  • Huascaran (Peru)
  • Alpamayo (Peru)
  • Aconcagua (false Polish route) (Argentina)
  • Ama Dablam (Nepal)
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