Bubbling Crude, Oil that is, Black Gold, Texas Tea.

I am not in the mood to hear Lousyanians whine further about their latest disaster. Especially today when I read the strippers in New Orleans were suing BP and/or the US Govt. for lost wages due to the oil spill. Now before I start this rant let me first qualify by admitting I lived in LA for a short period of time in my youth and, up until Katrina, held no real postion on the state of that state. My position has changed dramatically.

Louisiana you are in a conundrum. Let’s visit for a moment:

1) You and your poor luck are more than somewhat responsible for the gargantuan deficit our country finds ourselves in.
2) Your Katrina issue showed the mass scale of graft in the state and bilked the US Govt. (meaning me) for, well, a lot of money.
3) Your people were paid to live free, in free houses, with free cell phones, and free cable and free utilities for a mostly indefinate amount of time.
4) The only way you’ve been viable as a state is profiteering from your own natural disasters. The US Govt. was the largest employeer in the state after Katrina.
5) You love states rights and bash the Fed. all while holding your hand out for every penny you “deserve” from that same satan Fed for living in a putrid swamp.

Now on to BP:

1) The oil business is the next largest employer after the US Govt. in the state. LA is “drill baby drill”. Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead.
2) LA is anti-oil regulations, cause those damn regutaors hurt our business and we lose jobs.
3) Then the spill, and here we go again…..now we have twio satans, the Fed and BP. It’s all everyone elses fault. The Fed. didn’t respond quick enough and BP didn’t have a plan to seal a leak a mile below the ocean floor. No kidding ?
4) Now the Govt. has suspended drilling in the gulf and the Louisianians are enraged, but they can’t figure out at who, or why.
5) Republicans on the hill were filling the airwaves with how neglectful the current administration has been in addressing the spill. I say, THANK GOD. At least we didn’t just open up the treasury, like we did during Katrina, and let the money roll out in boxcars. Before you spend my money, I’d prefer to have things ruminated over for at least a moment.
6) Now that little unlucky state is about to pile onto our already unsurrmountable debt by going on the dole AGAIN for the next 5 years.

Remember the actual surplus we had at the end of the Clinton Administration. Remember Bush’s Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill being fired because he and Greenspan both suggested we not implement massive tax cuts, but actually use the surplus to do some little things like…. shore up Social Security, and perhaps put some “mad” money away “just in case”. Instead we dramatically cut taxes and started a war.

Now I don’t know about you but something seems wrong about cutting taxes and going to war. In the big one “WW2” that is, you couldn’t even get groceries or aluminum or pany hose for that matter. People bought government bonds to support the war effort, they planeted “victory” gardens for pete’s sake. People actually felt the pangs of war, even if they weren’t getting blown apart by Nazi’s or Japanese. Now we buy a new Lexus while our neighbors kid get his legs blown off by an IED. We bitch about the stock market while some kid sitting in Iraq finds out his wife’s cheating on him so that she can buy groceries for their two kids.

Anyway, that large surplus quickly (and I mean really, really, really fast) turned into a massive deficit that seems to have no plug. Tax cut, 9 year war, corporate fraud (from Enron to Lehman Bros.), Katrina, and now the BP oil spill. Kinda ganged up on us didn’t it. Woulda been nice to have some of that mad money laying around to throw at some of this stuff.

Question. Why don’t the oil producing states, or those that benefit from drilling off their shores, keep a disaster fund parked for these little inconveniences ? If your going to take the BP/Exxon money, then at least be responsible enough to put some aside so you don’t have to come whining away about how slow everyone is to react to your regular disasters. Man up Louisiana.

So here is my suggestion. Let’s let Louisiana secede from the US. Become their own country, maybe join up with Cuba, those people are on the dole too. Think of it, we’ll lose practically no tax base and save billions of dollars in federal aid and welfare, and Anderson Cooper can finally move on to another motly local.


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