Tuesday Nighter Action

We had nine riders show up at the Tuesday Nighter. New guest Paul, from Circle C, joined us and was STRONG. Neutral rollout was a bit quick, but everyone stayed together to the Bee Cave Parkway 2244 turnoff. As there was a decent headwind the line went from 2 to 1 fairly quickly as folks were trying to draft as best as possible. First hill out I think two or three popped. On Curenavaca we had six and three of us got off the front leaving James, Clift and Moze in the chase. On the Barton Creek climb, I looked back and didn’t see anyone, so I knew we had a good break. Since I’d been sucking wheel so far, I took the front at the top and did about a one minute 24 mph pull to get us almost to Knollwood. We actually didn’t hit Knollwood extremely hard and got to a marathon red light (as usual). We were waiting when James and Clift rolled up. Moze short-cutted and was in front after the turn. After the turn, I again moved to the front in the flats and ramped up the pace to about 24.5 mph for about 2 minutes again then dropped back to the 5th spot.

We all stayed together until Curenavaca coming back where I backed off a bit, hit it on the downhill, and motored off the front up the climb. Everyone groaned and stood and I was caught and passed after about 200 yards. Slotted in again at 5th. Here’s where I got punked.

We were motoring up a riser and James (in 4th) started to get gapped. I saw the hole forming, had some momentum and moved right to go around and slot in in front of him. When my rear wheel got even with his front he mashed the cranks and moved back up to the wheel ahead just as I was about to move over to take the same wheel. BLOCKED. Then I just brain froze. I didn’t have enough to attack to the front as the pace was blistering up the hill and I didn’t want to ride out on the right on my own, so I slowed to slot in again behind James. As I slowed the pack accelerated and I got gapped. I tried to reel it back in, but it got out to about 20 meters and I was gone about a mile before the sign.

Felt good most of the ride, but the attacks and short pulls had me at lactate and by the Bee Cave sign I was seeing spots and a bit lightheaded. I soft pedaled home w/o stopping at the bank. Endurox, shower, quick shopping run, helped Alyssa w/ homework and we were to bed pretty early. BP was not bad post race 122/82 with pulse still at 97. Still – need to get in and see Dr. as to why I’m lightheaded after efforts.


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