Have a Litter, Get an Agent, Get Rich

Jon & Kate + 8 - John

Jon & Kate + 8 - John

Ok, time for a rant. I can’t stand Reality Shows. There I said it. They are moronic. Beginning with The Tuttles from the dysfunctional Motorcycle Show and going downhill really fast from there. How many Chopper shows can you watch the old man (Senior they call him) scream at everyone and then (fade to Paul – tight shot – look of concern – but confident) “You know, I really think we’re going to have to stay late tonight to get this bike done in time for the show. Because the gas tank didn’t get back from the fabricator in time, it’s really put us in a time crunch. We’ll all have to work really hard to get this bike done, even Mikey’s pitching in”. Every show….same thing.

Now, what really set me off ? Here we go. Couples have been using fertility doctors to get pregnant for years. Often times the result is a “litter”. Four, five, six kids (do they have their eyes closed at birth). These instant parents have also been taking advantage of their situations by encouraging corporation’s to provide them sustenance for mating marketing purposes. For some reason Pampers and Gerber think it’s really cool to have six kids, especially all at once. They pay pretty well to feature these broods in advertising.

Now Jon & Kate took it to a whole new level. They had two beautiful twins with the help of a fertility clinic. Excellent ! Two healthy baby girls, when you thought you couldn’t have kids. Be greatful, stop there. But no..lets’ try for one more. Hello…one more doesn’t happen when you are playing with doctors & drugs. Presto, 6 more. That’s really cool. Eight kids, what a great couple, what a lovely family. What a zoo. Let’s make a reality show out of it. Why, cause we’ve made reality shows about everything else on earth and they all work.

Now this irresponsible couple have BANKED on their breeding prowess. Their family is ruined, as they both turned out to be crafty cheats and money grubbing scavangers, but hey, they are millionaires and they’ll split time with their kids in their respective mansions. Ain’t life grand. Look at OCTOMOM, she’s about to get her own show as well. What’s next, some mom will have like 50 eggs implanted and blow up on TV. I guess we have ourselves to blame. It is one of the most highly rated shows on TV. I really can’t believe that. I’ve watched twice and got a headache in about the 1st ten minutes.

This Lady Is Still Smiling

This Lady Is Still Smiling

Now this weekend I saw a new show “The Duggars”. They are this cult-like religious family who obviously don’t subscribe to abstinence or birth control, cause this mom has squeezed out (well more like plopped out) 16 kids. The Duggar’s say God will tell them how many kids to have. Hey Duggar’s, if you keep it up like rabbits without birth control, you don’t need God to tell you how many your gonna have. You are gonna have babies until Mr. Duggar has a farm accident or Ms. Duggar reaches menopause. I’m wondering how they can keep at it with 16 kids around the house, they must go for lots of rides in the car.

Now the Duggars are banking as well. Just like Jon & Kate they just bought a big new house thanks to “God” (and $75K an episode from the Discovery Channel). My fear is they’ll feel obliged to keep having kids to keep the ratings up, and Ms. Duggars insides will just fall out.

I guess the whole phenomenon of revering couples who have huge families is just baffling to me. How many times have I heard, “They have 6 kids !”. “Wow, that great !”..or “Gosh, isn’t that wonderful”. Well…no, it’s pretty selfish and irresponsible. Certainly anyones right to do so, but to me, just not very practical in a “hey the’s a zillion people on the planet” perspective. I know, I know..if they can afford to have them (re. they aren’t on welfare), then it’s OK. NOT, selfishness aside, it’s not the affordability, it’s the footprint. But I liken all our problems to overpopulation – pollution, global warming, war, murder…just less likely to happen with alittle space between us.

It’s not just religions who encourage big families, the government does to. Sure, you get a bonus at tax time for each kid. Folks in West Virginia can do the math. $1000 bucks, hmm….I think we can raise another ‘un for about $600 a year, that’s $400 for a new above-ground-pool. Let’s hit the sack !

If you are nursing a brood, good for you, this IS America, and we have the freedom to choose to procreate like rabbits if we so choose. It’s not just a personal choice anymore you know, it’s a career !


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