9/25/09 – Tuesday Niter

Low turnout Tuesday nighter, only about 7-8 showed. Occasional cloud cover and sub 100 temps. made it pretty bearable. I think Moze and Harper snuck on at 2244 (so 9-10 total).

Going out was pretty tame. 5 left at the Knollwood light, then down to four on the way back. Coming back was a bit more lively.

I was definately wheel sucker of the day, didn’t do any substantial pulling. Some attacks broke it up pretty well w/ me 4th, but worked back (TT’d about 2 miles at 20-23 mph.) about 150m and caught Clift (on his sweet new bike) just before the Bee Cave sign (snuck up on him) for third.

Worked the LTHS hill pretty good then led an attack to catch Clift right before the Bank. Worn out. Didn’t stay long at bank, had a wicked headache.

Rode home in the twilight, but got to the house before dark. Alyssa was there, she’d already eaten.

Endurox, shower, tons of LTHS basketball paperwork, 3 checks to LTHS for “stuff” and then to bed w/ a good book.


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