Weekend Riding… Hot as usual.

After a lack luster Driveway (and wrenching my back lifting the monster ice chest), I did a pretty low key spin on Friday afternoon. Rode the Blitz (28 mi.) and tried to average under 140 bpm (did so at 139). Maxed at 169 (on the climbs). Saturday I decided to punish myself for my poor performance on Thurs. I basically rode to Circle C (55 mi.) and back (via SW Parkway) and stomped every riser I could find. I also rode the TT course and tried to maintain 177 bpm throughout. On the way home I even doubled back so that I could do Lost Creek and Barton Creek on the same ride. Pretty “done in” after that.

Sunday I did a more lively Blitz (28 mi.). Got out late so didn’t go very far, but certainly rode harder than on Friday. Geeze it was hot Sunday. When are we going to get a reprieve ? Not a huge mileage weekend (111 miles – F,S,S), but hopefully got something done. Stopped in a ACC and took my flat 404 to George for repair. Shop was busy for a late Sunday afternoon. Both close-out SLC-SL’s came in, Adam snapped one up and the other and was broken by UPS. Top tube was cracked and chainring was bent sideways (nasty). Guess I got out of buying that one ! Thank you UPS.


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