Usain Bolt – 9.58 100 meters….WHAT ?

Usain is INSANE ! Jerome Kerse is not “The Freak”, Usain Bolt now has that title hands down. 5 world records this year…5 SPRINT world records this year (and he’s not swimming in a dimpled suit). Check out this 100 meters at the World Championships in Berlin this week. Yeah that’s Tyson Gaye he’s dusting. Sorry Bullet Bob Hayes, you just lost the “Worlds Fastest Man” title you had since the 60’s. Bolt is the real deal. He’s HUGE (6’5″) and just scary fast. He’s not one of the 100’s of runners who learned to run while going to College in the US for free. He’s straight off the streets of Kingston man. Bolt was the fastest dude in his High School at age 12. Sprinters are looking to move to middle distance as it’s believed by many Bolt can’t be beat and not for a long time (he’s only 23 years old – this month). He’ll be winning for another 5 years. Who wants to race every meet for silver ? Well I guees I would, but for everyone else it’s like playing Tiger Woods in a major (except you have absolutely no chance, and your done in less than 10 seconds).

Now that 100 meter run was stupid enough, but Bolt upped it. Usain comes out the next night and annihilates his 19.30 200 meter record by going 19.19 (not 19.20 like the board says). Wait, wait. Have any of you ever run track ? 19.19 in the 200 ? That’s just, just pure other-worldly, alien. Sub 20 was something no one even talked about back in the day and this guy is looking to go sub 19. What’s he got a teleporter ? Look at this race. Nobody runs a 200 meter turn like this, he has 10 meters coming out of the turn (and he’s supposed to have a bum toe). Then he just gains ground on the straight. Remarkable. He’s 23 and the fastest man EVER on the planet. Can I buy some stock in this guy, is he publically traded yet. ? Let’s just hope he has some good management and staying power and “Lightening Bolt” isn’t done and gone in a flash.


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